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Without you I'm nothing...

First of all a huge thanks goes out to all the people who have either contributed to the site in one form or another, or just kept me sane. Cheers for all your help, its always fun to chat and without your help the site wouldn't be what it is today.

  • Becky - My dear lady wife, for putting up with...well, me...

  • Jack & Luke - My 2 boys, for reinvigorating my enthusiasm for arcade games and letting me see them through new eyes, and for keeping me on my toes when I'm playing against them.

  • Arttu Yl√§rakkola - For System 16's web coding/programming/bugfixing and having infinite patience with me.

  • Mame Dev - The entire team for providing huge amounts of detailed information, help and pictures.

  • Contributors and invaluable assistance (alphabetically) - Aaron Giles, Acho Tang, Adahan, Al Kossow, Aleksandar, Arzeno Fabrice, Atila, Bart, Bish, Bobby Tribble, Brandon Marks, Brian Deuel, Brian A. Troha, Brian Faber, Bryan, CD, Charles MacDonald, Cheese, Chris, Cobracure, Conan, Craig Walker, D Widel, D-Zine, Dan Hower, Daniele, Dave, Dean Oates, Dox, Dreamal, Duddie, EFX, Electonicebayer, Eric Jacobson, Farfetch'd, Fausto Carà, Flanque, Francisco Nogueira, Fredrik Ahlstr√∂m, Fox, Gazoo, Gerald Coy, Gerard Maathuis, Greg Fife, Gridle, Guru, Guru-Choc, Hap, Hardhamm, Haze, Ian Patterson, Ivilded, J-Chi, JacKc, Jacob, Jawa, Jeff, Joachim, Joen, Joerg Hartenberger, Joey Cuellar, John, Jonas Andersson, Jonathan Gevaryahu, Jorge, Julio Gulio, Justin Kerk, Kcerdesk, Kevin Eshbach, Kevin Williams, Killerclown, L Face, Lee Richards, Lev, Logomancer, Luca Elia, Luciano López, Malcor, Marcel, Mark, Mark Friz, Mark Haysman, Matt, Matt Stritenberger, Matze, Mike Coates, Mitaine, m0ebius, Mokona, MooglyGuy, MrFaust, n3o, Nicolas Ayme, Oliver, Olivier Galibert, Onyx, Pcb-o-Holic, Peterd, Phil Strofflino, Phillip Bennett, Probus, Pugsy, Pumpcurry, R Belmont, Randy Hoffman, Ranger-X, RevQuixo, Rich, Rick Commandeur, Rob, RocLobsta, Rodger, Romans, Sara, Sarah Harato, Scott, Sega Arcade USA, Sega Amusements Europe, Shannon Keevers (Shambles), ShinobiZ, Shoutime, Smittdog, SMF, Sonikku, Spike, Stefan Jokisch, Stefan Lindberg, Steve, Stig Remnes, Stiletto, Sugg, Taiki, Tafoid, Tama-P, Tango Man, Team Japump, Ted^CA, The, Sheep, TigTog, Till Oldemeyer, Tom, Tomas Dahlgren, Tormod, Tournique, Tratax, Trojan, Twin0r, Uki, Vincent, Warlock, wwtk, X-Ray, Zing and anyone else I`ve forgotten...

    Thanks for everything,


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