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Description :

Romident is a rom identifier utility used to identify unknown arcade boards and/or roms.

February 19th, 2001 : Database 3947 released !

I updated the source code, the dat files and the binaries so this time you need to remove all occurences of ROMIDENT.* for your harddisk and download the new BIN, SRC & DAT files to replace them. If you mixes the versions, the program will crash.

How many games can be identified ?

In the current version (2.1), up to 3947 games & clones (added 220 sets since last version) can be identified. This number is growing every days, a new release will occurs every month.

How it works ?

It calculates the CRC for the rom you want to identify and then compare it with all other CRC stored in it's database. If one or more match, it displays them on your screen. Take a look to the following example.

You have an unknown board and want to identify it, you dump the content from one eproms and save it on your hard disk with the name UNKNOWN.BIN (for example).

You run Romident with the following syntax : ROMIDENT UNKNOWN.BIN

Romident read the rom, computes the CRC, compare it with it's database and then displays the following texts :

ROMIDENT v2.1 Thierry Lescot, 1998/99.

DAT file revision 3947.
UNKNOWN.BIN [f02292bd] = C21-07 from Cadash (Taito)

Congratulations, you identified your board, it's Cadash from Taito.

Where can I get it ?

Right Here :)

RI20_BIN.ZIP contains the binaries for MS-DOS, current version is 2.1. (Required)

RI20_SRC.ZIP contains the Romident source code.

RI20_DAT.ZIP *NEW* contains the databases, current version is 3947 (02/19/2001). (Required)

How to install it ?

You just need to unpack the files RI20_BIN.ZIP *and* RI20_DAT.ZIP into the same directory, this directory must be in the path to avoid problems. To unpack the file you need PKZIP or WINZIP
If you want to compile the source code, you need the compiler DJGPP 2.8.1, you can get it from

Last Update : Feb 19th. 2001

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