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Arcade Museum related sites
Site Name Description
Dragons Lair Project Everything you ever wanted to know about laserdisc games.
World Of Arcades Home of Sheeps Cave/Raizing/8ing/Psikyo shooter tribute site.
Evil Exidys Arcade Classics Arcade Stuff.
Jed Margolins Homepage Fascinating Atari technical information source.
Retrobase Everything you want to know about Console hardware.

Sega Arcade Related Sites
Site Name Description
Sega Sega Japan (Japanese and English)
Sega Arcade USA Sega Arcade USA Page
Sega Arcade Europe Sega Arcade Europe Page
WoW Entertainment - AM1 Sega Development Team
AM2 Sega Development Team
Hitmaker! - AM3 Sega Development Team
Amusement Vision - AM4 Sega Development Team
Sega Rosso - AM5 Sega Development Team
Mechatro Sega Cabinet/Hardware Development Team
Sega America Sega's American site located in the USA
Sega Europe Sega's European site located in the UK.

Konami Arcade Related Sites
Site Name Description
Konami Arcade Japan Konami's Japan arcade webstie
Konami Arcade USA Konami's USA arcade website
Konami Europe Konami's Europe arcade website, based in the UK
Konami Australia Konami's bizarre Australian site, not much there...
Channel Beat Great site dedicated to Bemani music machines, mainly Konami...

Namco Arcade Related Sites
Site Name Description
Namco Japan Namco's main site located in japan. (japanese and english)
Namco Arcade Namco USA's arcade website
Namco Europe Namco Europe Limited and Brent Leisure distributing
Namco USA Namco's USA Arcade sales for America

Taito Arcade Related Sites
Site Name Description
Taito Japan Taito's main site, located in Japan.
Taito Type-X Taito's Type-X Hardware main page.

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