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The System 16 Arcade Emulator

Authors : Thierry Lescot & Li Jih Hwa

This emulator emulates the Sega's System 16/18 arcade boards and some extra dual 68000 boards like Out Run, Space Harrier and Hang-On series.

We are sorry but this emulator is discontinued and there is no more support.

This is the list of emulated games in the current release version (0.82) :

System 16 (3 types)
System 18
Dual 68000

Alex kidd
Alien Syndrome
Altered Beast
Body Slam
Dynamite Dux (bootleg)
E-Swat (bootleg)
Fantazy Zone
Flashing Point
Golden Axe
Heavyweight Champ (not playable)
Major League (not playable)
Passing Shot (bootleg)
Quartet (not playable)
Quartet II
Riot City
Tetris (bootleg)
Time Scanner
Tough Turf (bootleg)
Wonderboy III
Wrestle War

Alien Storm (bootleg)
Shadow Dancer
Shadow Dancer (jp)
After Burner (not playable)
Out Run
Space Harrier
Super Hang-On
Total : 23 games, 21 playable Total : 4 games, 4 playable Total : 5 games, 4 playable
Total : 32 games, 30 playable

Downloads :

There are 4 versions of the emulator :

  • Dos version 0.82.
    Available in binary format this version is complete, all games listed above are playable except Body Slam, which is not yet included in this public version. The voices in System 16 games are also missing from this version.
    Download - size 336 Kb.

  • Windows DirectX version 0.79.
    This version by Bartman is the equivalent of Dos version 0.79. Missing in this version are the voice emulation in System 18 and Dual 68000 games like Out Run.
    Download - size 710 Kb.

  • Windows DirectX version 0.80 beta.
    This is the last work in progress version of Bartman's DirectX port of the emulator. This version is a beta and can be very unstable on your computer. It's equivalent to Dos version 0.82. Only the Exe file is included, so you must download the DirectX version 0.79 or the Dos version 0.82 to get this version running.
    Download - size 265 Kb

Have Fun !


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