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6.12.2009 - The surprisingly semi-consistant updates continue

25.11.2009 - Sega Screens

21.11.2009 - Konami Time...

20.11.2009 - Fun and Games

  • Well, I've had some right fun and games with my emails and other things, but finally recovered everything, now I just have to wade through my 175 meg "to do" email folder...


    Just don't ask.


23.6.2009 - Is that it?

  • Updated the Wii Hardware specs after I realised I'd left it blank, pretty much assuming it's a bog standard Wii with a JVS connector.
  • Moved Sengoku Basara X from X2 Hardware to 246 Hardware, thanks to Wovou.
  • I have so many email's to work through...

14.6.2009 - In with the new, in with the old?

3.5.2009 - There's no place like home

  • OK, I think we're all in and working, if anyone notices anything broken they can drop me a line,

  • There's no more message boards, they were part of the old server and I'm not bothering this time, there's plenty of boards out there and I always forgot to visit them anyways,



11.4.2009 - New News

  • OK, quick update, I've found a new home and I'm just getting the site to work there before it switchs.
  • In the mean time you may have noticed the images going from certain parts of the site, they've been turned off to save bandwidth, normal service should resume within a week or so with any luck!



21.3.2009 - The End of the Beginning... and the end of an era

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